We’re popping up at Blue Shop Cottage

4th May 2017

On 31st May + 1st June we will be collaborating ith Eleanor Warder, popping up for a 2-night takeover at Blue Shop Cottage SE5, home of local illustrator and HFC fave Ocki Magill.

Over the course of the evening we will taste through a selection of small tasting plates, specially curated by Hill Food Co and paired alongside 6 carefully chosen wines from small, independent producers.

We aim to create a unique, fun and informative evening and promise to introduce you to some eclectic wines and exciting flavours along the way.

In keeping with our commitment to bold, seasonally-led ingredients, the selected wines will have an organic and biodynamic focus.

Perfect for solo adventures as well as gangs.

We can’t wait to see you there.

For tickets ….


Easter Baking

5th April 2017

There are few things that are more comforting than home bakes to celebrate the end of Lent. Easter is the perfect opportunity to get together, celebrate, and satisfy a sweet tooth.  As well as the classics, there is plenty of opportunity to experiment with little twists or try a tradition from another part of the world.


Enriched with butter, milk and eggs, laced with warming spices, studded with raisins and decorated with a cross, traditionally hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday, to mark the end of Lent. The traditional recipe includes raisins and spices but nowdays, there are endless variations.  Personally we prefer the classic but with extra mixed spice and kept little underbaked and doughy.


Leftover buns make for perfect  bread and butter pudding: crunchy golden crust on top and a custardy comfort (in this case laced with a little brandy) on the bottom.


Simnel is a lightly-spiced fruit cake, traditionally lighter than its dark and heady Christmas cousin. It has two layers of marzipan, one layer baked in the centre and the other decorating the cake, sitting atop an apricot jam glaze. The cake is decorated with eleven marzipan balls, to represent Jesus’ apostles. The baked layer of marzipan melts making the centre soft and infusing the sponge with fragrant notes of almond that blend with the mixed spices.







Spring Lamb

7 hour shoulder of Lamb with salsa verde and yogurt
7 hour shoulder of Lamb with salsa verde and yoghurt, a HFC favourite.

From February to June, ’tis the season of daffodils, Easter eggs, hot cross buns and also spring lamb. At 3 to 5 months old the milk-fed lamb has meat milder in flavour and softer than the lamb we find later in the year, which has had more time to graze in the pastures. At its freshest it is a pale pink colour and soft in texture with a good marbling of fat that lends it flavour and tenderness.

It’s subtlety means the meat can be seasoned simply with salt, pepper and herbs and served with seasonal vegetables, but lamb can also take on more vibrant spice blends from the za’atar of the Middle East to the harissa of North Africa.

Roasted, the leg or loin can be the perfect centrepiece to a Sunday roast, succulent and pink and sat amongst piles of golden, crisp roast potatoes and later dressed in sweet, vinegary mint sauce and velvety gravy. We braise the shank with herbs and spices to create rich and indulgent lamb scrumpets with mint mayo. Minced, the shoulder, loin and leg are great for late night sliders or kofte with kafir lime and courgette tzatsiki. The shoulder and leg are perfect for slow roasting and are fantastic for big feasts and weddings. The  fall-off-the-bone flesh is perfect with seasonal salads and buttery potatoes or the meat can be pulled apart to fill flatbreads and topped with crunchy salads and punchy condiments. And finally, when the sun finally starts to make an appearance, the sweet loin meat can be deboned, butterflied then grilled on a barbeque, to blend with the flavours of the smoky charcoal: a perfect way to welcome in the summer.

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Spring lamb with wild garlic gnocchi wilted greens,cauliflower and roasted onion puree.

Brunch @ 134 Columbia Road

13th March 2017

A few snaps from our brunch at 134 Columbia Road last week. Tables were set looking out over the busy market on Sunday and sunshine streamed through the windows of the studio onto tables laden with St John sourdough, home-made jams and marmalades, and home-made soda bread that had come out of the oven just before the guest’s arrival. They were welcomed with blood orange mimosa’s and Bloody Mary’s with infused horseradish and cardamom Absolut vodka, and then asked to take their seats so the first of 5 courses of brunch food could begin.

Succulents, home made butter and milk bottles of blood orange juice.

Blood orange juice in my beloved vintage milk bottles, home made butter, tiles and succulents.

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Brunch started with buttermilk overnight pancakes, rhubarb and orange compote, Tonka bean creme fraiche and honey; and bowls of granola, home dried grapes, home made yoghurt, Bramley apple and rhubarb and apple crisps.

Brunch in the studio up above the busy flower market

Brunch in the studio up above the busy flower market on Sunday.

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Next came our take on ‘kedgeree’ – spiced smoked haddock croquettes, avocado, soft boiled Clarence court eggs with puffed turmeric rice.

Toasters and home made breads on the tables

Tables were piled high with jams, compotes sauces and toasters for toasting home made bread.







Next up (the above photo is before it went in the oven) our version of baked beans with tallegio and piles of basil.



Accompanied by home made salt beef and goat gouda toastie. Made with St John sourdough, dill and brussel kraut and sweet mustard.



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Last but not least … Sourdough doughnut with bergamot curd, Earl Grey powder and mini meringues with a little bag to take home just in case you don’t have space!



A big thank you to all our amazing team, Tara and Izzy for your cameras and to everyone who came to join us. Stay tuned for more pops this year.



The Hill Food Co Team – Sureyya

8th March 2017


Meet lovely Sureyya, who has been interning with us for the last couple of weeks. We love surrounding ourselves with people who love our little food world as much as we do and Sureyya’s passion for food is clear on her own blog The Giggly Fig . Sureyya has been helping us with curating our enormous archive of photos, writing blog posts and taking snaps of our new canapés.

‘I am 19 and am currently on a gap year before heading off to university in September, to study History of Art. Food and cookery have always been passions of mine, having always been central to my family and upbringing. However, I have never been able to devote my attention entirely to them. Therefore this year is an exciting year to wholeheartedly immerse myself in the food world through travelling abroad, discovering the hidden gems in London and other cities, experimenting with new recipes and practicing my food writing and photography through work experience and my own personal food blog. Although I enjoy all aspects of cooking, baking holds a special place in my heart, having grown up on the home-baking of my great-grandmothers, grandmothers, auntie and mother, whether it be through the treats themselves or passed down recipes. This appreciation for nostalgia in cookery has given me a fondness for simple, honest, down-to-earth food as this, I believe, brings the most joyful and meaningful food experiences.’

Rio Punch

24th February 2017

cocktails (73 of 1)
Rio Punch

Another week rolls by before we know it… cocktail hour here we come. Today we’re testing drinks recipes in the kitchen for our busy schedule of summer events. Today’s favourite is a Rio punch with Cachaça, lemonade, fresh lemons, sugar syrup, orange blossom water and a splash of soda. Garnished with passion fruit pulp and a slice of lemon. It’s easy to make and works great when multiplied up in a big punch bowl.

It’s the perfect refreshing drink for summer parties and events.

Makes 1 drink:

25ml lemon juice, freshly squeezed

50ml Cachaça

2 drops of orange blossom water

20ml sugar syrup

35ml good quality lemonade

30ml soda water

Garnish-  half a passionfruit and a slice of lemon

1. Mix the lemon juice, sugar syrup, Cachaça and orange blossom water in a glass, we love these short cut glass ones.

2. Spoon in a generous handful of crushed ice and top with the lemonade and soda water. Garnish with the lemon, stir and spoon over the pulp of the passionfruit.


Example Menu – Drinks Party

14th February 2017

Summer Menus HFC Canapes

Rhubarb Season

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Baked Rhubarb

In the otherwise fairly grey and gloomy months of January and February, before daffodils, rhubarb is the first sign of spring.

Rhubarb is grown in two crops. Forced, grown in the earlier months of the year, is tenderer and more understated in its tartness than its more burly and punchy sibling, maincrop rhubarb, which is grown from mid March to June. While maincrop is grown outdoors, forced rhubarb requires a little bit more attention and care as it is grown commercially in dimly lit sheds and picked in candlelight, so as not to wash out its lively, green leaves to a duller shade. 90% of the world’s forced rhubarb is grown in what is known as, “The Rhubarb Triangle.” This is the stretch of land in West Yorkshire between Morley, Wakefield and Rothwell. All our rhubarb is sourced from this area as we know this is where we will find the most tender and rosy crop.

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Cardamom shortbread tart with creme fraiche and rose poached rhubarb

Super versatile, it can be stewed, poached or roasted, lightly sweetened for sweet dishes or left as a bittersweet accompaniment to savoury dishes like mackerel and pork. When cooked perfectly, the skin of the rhubarb turns a brighter, almost fluorescent, shade of pink, which bleeds into the white interior to form a beautifully pale pastel. It becomes the star of any dish: the crown on top of a humble and hearty bowl of porridge or a beautiful blushing surprise under an oaty crumble.

The window in which you can find forced rhubarb is limited but this makes it all the more special.

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Maincrop rhubarb, almond and elderflower tart

Bella makes this delicious jam to preserve our favourite rhubarb beyond it’s short season. The recipe is below… or pick some up at our Columbia Road Pop up in March.

2kg forced rhubarb, trimmed

2kg jam sugar

Juice and zest of 2 lemons

10cm piece ginger, fresh, peeled and finely diced

120g stem ginger, finely diced

Makes 10 x 300ml jars

Chop the rhubarb into inch long pieces and tumble into a large bowl. Pour over the sugar, lemon juice and zest and the gingers. Cover the bowl and leave somewhere cool overnight ideally but for at least a couple of hours to macerate. The sugars will begin to dissolve and start the jam making process.

The next day wash your jars, a ladle and a jam funnel if you have one in hot soapy water and then place in a low oven to sterilise (160C). The jars need to sterilise for 10-15 min to ensure they are bacteria free and that your jam will be preserved safely.



We’ve added another day …



After lots of requests we’ve added an extra day to our Columbia Road pop up. Join us from Wednesday 1st – Sunday 5th March for supper or brunch (Sat and Sun only).


The Hill Food Company At 134 Columbia Road

3rd February 2017

The Hill Food Company at 134 Columbia Road

We are super thrilled to announce the first of our series of pop ups for 2016. Come and join us for 4 seasonal courses, botanical cocktails and English sparkling wines. Choose from 4 days with brunch on the weekend.

Evening Feasts

Thursday 2.3.17 – Starts at 7.30pm

Friday 3.3.17 – Starts at 7.30pm

Saturday 4.3.17 – Starts at 7.30pm

Sunday 5.3.17 – Starts at 6.30pm


Saturday 4.3.17 – Starts at 11.30am

Sunday 4.3.17 – Starts at 11.30am

All tickets are £37.50 + a £1.71 booking fee and this includes a welcome cocktail or mocktail. As it’s a feast you’ll be sharing within your group and we promise you will leave with a very full tummy. Tickets are limited so get yours soon.



HFCx HILL FOOD CO at 134 Columbia Road MC